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50 pages. Size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. Cover color--customer choice, original color is near-teal. See below for Table of Contents.


This booklet addresses healing after a sexual assault focusing on emotional wellbeing and relationships. It offers a general overview of what sexual assault survivors may experience in their healing after a sexual trauma--whether it was recently or awhile ago. It can also be a good resource for friends and loved ones to help them to better understand what survivors may be experiencing.


Topics (from the Table of Contents) include:

  • If the sexual assault happened recently       
  • Understanding rape and other types of sexual trauma     
  • What are the different types of force and sexual assault?    
  • Alcohol and drug-facilitated sexual assault     

Unique concerns for some survivors 

  • For survivors with marginalized identities         
  • For male survivors     
  • For LGBTQIA+ survivors     
  • For survivors of color    
  •  For survivors with disabilities     
  • Overcoming barriers to access culturally-sensitive care     
  • Minority stress, health and mental health     

Healing Considerations

  •   Common responses, concerns and feelings     
  •   The impact of trauma on the brain and body    
  •   Trauma-informed care for survivors    
  •   If it has been awhile since the sexual assault    
  •   Some warning signs you might notice 


  •   Helping family and friends to understand better    
  •   A message for your loved ones and friends     
  •   Signs of an unhealthy relationship    
  •   For survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV)       
  •   Healthy relationships:  10 important considertations           

Resources for survivors, loved ones and friends    

A final message on coping and healing after sexual trauma

Healing After Sexual Trauma: Emotional Wellbeing and Healthy Relationships

Cover color options (near teal unless indicated)
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