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EXPANDED CONTENT: 72 pages. Size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. Cover color--customer choice, original color is near-teal.


A thoughtful and detailed guide to healing and recovery after a violent crime with an overview of the criminal justice process from the initial report to law enforcement through prosecution, sentencing and more.


No victim should ever go through the court process without this important and necessary information. Also includes:

  • Immediate concerns after the crime
  • Deciding what to do and who to tell
  • Safety precautions and protective orders
  • The unexpected crisis of being a crime victim
  • The emotional and psychological effects of crime
  • The impact on friends and family
  • Testifying in court and crime victims’ rights
  • Resources, including the Crime Victims Compensation Program


Highly recommended for victims of interpersonal violence, sexual assault, child abuse, stalking, drunk driving and other violent crimes. Also a great resource for family and friends to learn how to support their loved one during this challenging time. This booklet should be in the waiting rooms of all victim assistance programs.

Coping after a Violent Crime: A Guide to Healing and Criminal Justice Booklet

Cover color options (near teal original color))

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