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About Sugati Publications

Sugati Publications is an award-winning, woman-veteran owned business offering publications on coping and trauma nationwide since 2000. Our Coping with Sexual Assault booklets are reviewed by a national advisory council of sexual assault survivors and professionals with expertise in their fields to ensure accuracy, best practices and feedback from the community. (See our past and current advisory council members and their diverse expertise at About Us).


We are humbled to be recognized and selected for a national award from the Institute for Military Veterans and Families and Citi for our publications impacting active-duty US Military and veterans. 

Our publications are survivor-centered, trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive published in English, Spanish, Large Print and Braille for adults, college students, teens and parents, active-duty military, veterans, and professionals who work with victims of trauma. We are also proud of our newest publications for male survivors and LGBTQIA+ survivors.

Our publications 

Extensive up-to-date content written by professionals with expertise in these areas.

Size: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in booklet format,

40-80 pages depending on title

Cover color: Customer choice. 

Our original color is near teal lunar blue.

Cost: All booklets sold individually in any quantity for $3.00 each for easy pricing 

except Braille books are $8.00 due to specialized printing and size (12 x 12).

Brief and topic-focused written by professionals with expertise in the topic.

Size: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in booklet format,

12-16 pages depending on title. 

Cover color: Customer choice. 

Our original color is near teal lunar blue.

Cost: Pamphlets are sold in sets  of 50

for $50 per packet of the same title.  

1 packet  = 50 pamphlets $50. 

2 packets =100  pamphlets $100

10 packets=500 pamphlets $500

All print booklets available as e-booklets for download as digital pdf files with a unique password valid up to 6 months. 

Size: Same size/content as print booklets.

Cost: Licenses to distribute copyrighted pdf e-booklets are available in 2 options:

Limited nonprofit license: $125 per title for 100 digital copies up to 6 months.

Institutional license:  $500 per title for unlimited electronic distribution, 6 months

In honor of Pride Month, please accept a complimentary copy of our newest publication for LGBTQIA+ survivors.

A special thank you offer to our customers:

FREE custom printing on the back of all of your publications including your logo!

Our newest publications

1 in 6 men

A much needed resource written for adult male survivors of sexual assault

with sections specifically for:


  • bisexual men

  • gay men

  • transgender men

  • survivors of color

  • survivors with multiple marginalized identities

  • survivors of intimate partner violence

  • survivors with disabilities

  • active-duty military 

      and veterans

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An important and timely resource written for LGBTQIA+ survivors of sexual assault. 

with sections specifically for:

•  bisexual women
•  lesbians
•  bisexual men
•  gay men
•  transgender persons
•  intersex persons
•  asexual persons
•  survivors of color
•  survivors with multiple 

    marginalized identities
•  survivors of partner violence
•  survivors with disabilities
active-duty military & veterans)

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“We are powerful because we have survived,
and that is what it is all about – survival and growth.“


~ Audre Lorde, writer, feminist, and civil rights activist. 

She described herself as a "black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet."