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12 pages. Size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. Color--near teal (other colors available upon request.) Sold in sets of 50 pamplets.


This pamphlet was written for all active-duty Service members as a quick reference of what they should know about military sexual trauma (MST). It includes information on identifying sexual assault and harassment; how to recognize common reactions and warning signs in victims; how to support someone who was a victim of MST; information for victims on reporting; and where to go for assistance, including the DoD SAFE Helpline.

The pamphlet was adapted from our extensive 60-page booklet “Coping with Sexual Assault: A Guide for Active-Duty Service Members.” Both publications were written by a DoD subject matter expert on the SAPR program.


PRICING: Pamphlets are sold in sets of 50 for $50 per packet. Indicate the number of packets you want in the shopping cart at check out or on the order form by mail.


Order 1 packet = 50 pamphlets for $50.

2 packets = 100 pamphlets for $100.

5 packets = 250 pamphlets for $250.

10 packets = 500 pamphlets for $500.


Consider this pamphlet as a valuable addition and handout to all Service Members for your required SAPR trainings. It is also a great resource and reference for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Offices, Rape Crisis Programs, Victim Advocates and Commanders.


Military Sexual Trauma: What Every Service Member Should Know Pamphlet set of 50

Cover color options (near teal unless indicated)
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