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14 pages. Size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. Color--near teal (other colors available upon request.) Sold in sets of 50 pamplets.


This pamphlet provides general information and helpful tips on how to be supportive to a friend who was sexually assaulted--whether it was recently or a while ago. It includes information about the different types of sexual assault, common reactions, warning signs, and helpful tips on talking to a friend about sexual assault with resources for friends and family.


This resource should be available at all Rape Crisis Programs, middle and high schools, universities and colleges as well as training programs on sexual assault response and prevention for all ages. This publication is a great handout for public events such as health fairs and community programs.


PRICING: Pamphlets are sold in sets of 50 for $50 per packet. Indicate the number of packets you want in the shopping cart at check out or on the order form by mail.

Order 1 packet = 50 pamphlets for $50.

2 packets = 100 pamphlets for $100.

5 packets = 250 pamphlets for $250.

10 packets = 500 pamphlets for $500.


This publication includes excerpts found in our more detailed 40-page booklet “Coping with Sexual Assault: A Guide for Healing and Recovery.” Both publications were written by a national consultant and psychotherapist with extensive experience working with victims of sexual assault and their loved ones and it was reviewed by a national advisory committee of professionals and survivors.

Helping a Friend who was Sexually Assaulted Pamphlet (set of 50)

Cover color options (near teal unless indicated)
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