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68 pages. Size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. Cover color--customer choice, original color is near-teal.  See below for Table of Contents.


This extensive booklet was written specifically for adult sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. It was developed by a team of experts in the field and reviewed by a national advisory council including survivors. It includes extensive trauma-informed information about healing and recovering after a sexual assault including: medical care and options, reporting concerns, the criminal justice process, and additional resources. This resource is survivor-centered and culturally sensitive for any adult  survivor of sexual assault and their loved ones.  See below for Table of Contents.


Table of Contents: Coping with Sexual Assault

An Introduction to this booklet 

How to use this resource 

If the sexual assault happened recently 

Some important points to remember 

Understanding rape and other types of sexual assault 

What are the different types of force and sexual assault? 

Common responses and feelings after a sexual assault 

Some warning signs you might see in yourself 

Unique concerns for diverse survivors 

  • For survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). 
  • For survivors of same-sex sexual assault 
  • For male survivors 
  • For LGBTQIA+ survivors 
  • For survivors of color 
  • For immigrant survivors and undocumented survivors 
  • For survivors with disabilities 
  • For all survivors with marginalized identities 

Minority stress, health and mental health 

The impact of trauma on the brain and body 

Trauma-informed care for survivors 

Medical care, options and related concerns 

The sexual assault forensic examination/reporting options 

Medical care specific to males, trans and intersex survivors 

Sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy concerns 

Emergency contraception and other options. 

Alcohol and drug-facilitated sexual assault 

Reporting the crime and the criminal investigation 

The court process and testifying in court 

Other legal concerns and your rights 

If it has been awhile since the sexual assault 

Helping family and friends to understand better

Signs of an unhealthy relationship 

Resources for survivors, loved ones and providers 

A final message on coping 


Whether it happened recently or years ago, there are many people available to support you.

Copyright 2023@Sugati LLC dba Coping Resources.


Customer feedback:

"One of the best resources available on the topic. Thank you!" --A Victim Advocate


"The Coping with Sexual Assault booklet really helped me to understand things better. I can't thank you enough." --A Rape Survivor


"I wish this resource was available when I sought help after being raped. The Rape Crisis Center staff were great but having something like this in writing really would have helped me a lot. I think survivors will benefit greatly from the information in this booklet.” --A Rape Survivor

Coping with Sexual Assault: A Guide for Adult Survivors, Friends & Loved Ones

Cover color options (near teal original color))
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