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62 pages. Size: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. Cover color--customer choice, original color is near-teal.


This extensive booklet was written for adult Spanish-speaking survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. It was reviewed by national advisory council of experts in the field and survivors to ensure accuracy in content and cultural considerations. The booklet offers information on coping with the aftermath of a sexual assault including medical, legal and emotional aspects of healing as well as a glossary of commonly used terms in the criminal justice system and resources for Spanish-speaking survivors. Other topics include:

  • Los derechos de las víctimas inmigrantes
  • Derechos de dignidad de las víctimas de violación
  • Si ha pasado un tiempo desde el abuso sexual
  • Información para las víctimas y miembros de su familia
  • La recuperación emocional
  • Preocupaciones acerca de la familia y los amigos


This resource should be available throughout your community in locations where Spanish-speaking persons may seek services or assistance, including hospitals, clinics, community centers in Latina neighborhoods, police departments, legal aid, and immigration programs.


Customer feedback:
"Enfrenando La Violación Y el Abuso Sexual will definitely change the lives of the people it touches.” --Professor, Latin American Studies, Miami University

"Three rape survivors who are Latina immigrant women (and now work at our program) read the Spanish booklet and loved it. They wished they had something like that when they needed it.” --MUNA Program, Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Afrontando el Asalto Sexual: A Guide for Spanish-Speaking Survivors Booklet

Cover color options (near teal original color))

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