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Our customers

Our customers and what they have to say about Sugati Publications.

Our customers include: Rape Crisis Centers, Victim Witness Programs, US Military Sexual Assault and Prevention Offices, Sexual Assault Response Teams, Vet Centers & VA Medical Centers, universities, high schools, hospitals, health clinics, crisis centers, counseling centers, mental health agencies, law enforcement departments, governmental agencies, statewide and national coalitions, plus many more across the US. Soon we will be welcoming international customers.


Numerous organizations and coalitions have also shared our publications at their conferences/trainings as resources and gifts for their registrants. We customize the publications to the event as requested by the hosting organization.

Ask us about discounts for this popular option for gift bags or giveaways at your next event.

We are also especially honored to serve US veterans, active-duty Service members, their family members, and the professionals who support them. 

"I am excited to be able to add resources for these specific populations. I had just been searching for LGBTQ specific literature for my agency director (unsuccessfully) when I saw that you had new titles added. The LGBTQ booklet was the one I was most excited about. I thought they were well-done and addressed a lot of information. I did have another staff member who … does have LGBTQ family to review the material for me. She loved them, she thought they were excellent. "

-Robin Butler Family Health Services, Ohio

"I am touched by your generosity and cannot thank you enough. I know our clients have really benefited from these booklets!"

-Ann Brzozowske, Crisis Coordinator
Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services, Stillwater, OK 

"I wish this resource was available when I sought help after being raped. The Rape Crisis Center staff were great but having something like this in writing really would have helped me a lot. 

I think survivors will benefit greatly from the information in this booklet.”      -A Rape Survivor

“The sexual assault booklet that you created for USAFA

is incredible!  Thank you. This will be very powerful and helpful information for our victims, leaders and others. What is most exciting for me is that this resource will be right at people’s fingertips, and they

will be able to access

it anytime.”

-US Air Force Academy

Your publications are a great resource for our survivors of Sexual Assault, and we appreciate you providing such quality product at an affordable price.

-North Georgia Mountain Crisis Network

"Three rape survivors who are Latina immigrant women

(and now work at the program) read the Spanish booklet and loved it.  They wished they had something like that when they needed it.”  

-MUNA Program, Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“I have just read your booklet for Professionals and Volunteers.

It is extremely well researched, well written and organized.  It will

be a wonderful research tool for me, and I plan

to order copies for my volunteers-in-training.”  

-Crisis Intervention Coordinator, The STTAR Center, Maryland 

"As MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer becomes a daily show - I offer Sugati Publications to my listeners routinely.  

As a clinician myself - I am always very careful about what I offer to my clients and my listeners.  With Sugati Publications, I know that I will always get top quality, clinically sound and readable material at an affordable cost.  Thank you, Sugati Publications!"

-Pamela Brewer, MSW, Ph.D., LCSW-C Executive Producer/Host, MyNDTALK

”I am impressed by your booklet. Thank you for creating the resource and translating it for underserved communities.”              -Rape Relief and Women's Shelter Services, Washington

“We have found your booklet to be an excellent resource for the specific issues that college students face.”          

 -UC Irvine's department of Campus Assault Resources and Education


We must remember that there is good in the world even when—especially when—we are in the midst of suffering and trauma. This world needs people like you--people who care to make a difference, people who bear witness to suffering, and people who know that sometimes, bad things happen to good people. With compassion and loving kindness, we can help each other to get through even the most difficult of times.  No matter what you may endure or witness on your journey, remember there is good in the world. May it remain in you. In peace.


From:  Coping with Trauma Work and Vicarious Trauma by Terri Spahr Nelson and Dr. Patrick Nelson

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