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Our Limited License E-booklets

All of our print booklets are available as e-booklets for download and distribution to your intended audience as digital pdf files with a unique password for your organization valid up to 6 months.

The limited license is available for up to 100 copies to distribute. 

Our limited license is ideal for smaller nonprofits to share this resource via email with a password

to their intended recipients so they can open and read it privately and at their own discretion.

Size: Same size/content as print booklets: 40-80 pages depending on title. 

Cost for Limited license for smaller nonprofits: $125 per title for 100 digital copies up to six months.

Our e-booklets are also accessible for persons with visual impairments.

Your custom printing is available at no cost on the back pages of the e-booklet you purchase.

Click on the title for more information and to order.

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