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About Us

About Sugati Publications and our Team

Sugati Publications is a woman-veteran owned business offering publications on coping and trauma specializing in resources on sexual trauma nationwide since 2000. Our Coping with Sexual Assault booklets are reviewed by national advisory councils of sexual assault survivors and professionals with expertise in their fields to ensure accuracy, best practices and input from the community.  We are proud to offer publications that are survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally-sensitive for persons from diverse backgrounds. We are honored to have been recognized with a national award from Citi 

and the Institute for Military Veterans & Families for our publications for the US military and veterans.

Our background

  • 22 years of dedicated service and experience developing, fine-tuning, and publishing our booklets since 2000.

  • Woman Veteran Owned Small Business since 2005.  

  • National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs national grant award to reach underserved populations.

  • Recipient of the “Impacting Veterans” Award from Citi and the Institute for Military Veterans and Families.

  • Selected for the 2020 Veteran's Edge Business Expo.

  • Chosen by the White House Joining Forces and National Association of Social Workers to provide a national webinar on military sexual trauma.

  • Named in the "Excellence in Victim Advocacy" report by    the Office of Justice Services, Ohio, as an important resource for sexual assault survivors and professionals.

  • V-WISE graduate for women veteran business owners.

  • Clinical provider, Give an Hour/Wounded Warriors Program. 

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional credential with specialized training in trauma-informed approaches.

What makes Sugati Publications
stand out above others?

  • Our products are trauma-informed, victim-centered and culturally inclusive written by professionals in the field.

  • Our website has passed the compliance audit for the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure accessibility for persons with visual impairments or disabilities.

  • Our Coping with Sexual Assault booklets were reviewed/approved by a national advisory committee of experts and survivors.

  • We offer FREE customized printing on the back covers of our booklets and pamphlets as a thank you to our customers. 

  • We support nonprofit agencies by donating our publications every year. 

  • We offer complimentary review copies by mail upon request.

  • We stand by our products with a 100% guarantee.

Compare our products and personalized customer service with others.

We are confident you will find our publications to be some of the best available.

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Our national advisory consultants 

make our publications better for survivors.


We extend a special thank you to the survivors and other experts who have participated in our national advisory council over the years since first publication in 2000. They have shared their expertise and feedback on specific booklets and sections to ensure our publications are accurate, trauma-informed, representative of diverse persons, and culturally sensitive. They are a big part of the reason our publications stand out.  We are grateful for their contributions to help us to reach survivors. Nothing about us without us. Thank you!

                             Our advisory consultants over the years                                 (and their roles at the time of service)

             are noted here.  Perhaps you know some 

of them from their work and expertise?

There are helpers all around  us doing

remarkable acts of compassion, activism,

and kindness for a better world.  

A special thank you goes out

to all the helpers in our world.


Luz Márquez Benbow Director of Outreach and Policy New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault and co-founder the National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault 

Suzanne Brown Executive Director Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Director of National Resource Sharing Project

Sgt. Detective John Buchholz Oxford Ohio Police Department

Marianne Demming, LISW Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Emiliano Diaz de Leon Men’s Engagement Specialist, Especialista en Involucrar a Hombres, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

Greg Flannery President, Victims’ Rights Advocacy; News Editor, Citybeat

B.J. Horn Training Coordinator, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, Victim Services Consultant

Jayvon Howard, BS, Engaging Men Coordinator, Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV); LGBTQ Taskforce with BRAVO,

and the Anti-Oppression Committee, OAESV

Kaeden Kass, MSW, LSW, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Transgender Health Clinic, Adolescent Medicine

Niki Khanna, LMFT, Private Practice San Francisco, Board Member interACT, and Author of Invisibility and Trauma in the Intersex Community in Violence Against LGBTQIA+ Persons.

Sharon Klein, RN, Emergency Department SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) and member of community SART 

Linda E. Ledray, RN, Ph.D. SANE-A, FAAN Director, Sexual Assault Resource Service and Advisory Director 

Carol M. Lewis, Ph.D.  Associate Director Center for Social Work Research, University of Texas at Austin 

Susan Lipnickey, Esq., Attorney

Jennifer Long, J.D. Director, National Center for Prosecution of Violence Against Women, American Prosecutors Research Institute, National District Attorneys Association 

Sally Lloyd, Ph.D. Professor of Educational Leadership and Women's Studies, Miami University

Emily M. Lund, Ph.D., Department of Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling, University of Alabama. Editor of Violence Against LGBTQIA+ Persons and Author of: Violence Against Asexual Individuals and Interpersonal Violence Against Sexual and Gender Minority Individuals with Disabilities 

Kathy McMahon Klosterman, Ph.D., Professor Emerita Miami University, Disability Studies, Women’s Studies and Educational Leadership.

Taylor E. Mefford, MS Ed. Graduate School of Education, Fordham University. Author of Minority Stress, Stigma, and Violence: Affirmative Counseling for Bisexual Individuals in Violence Against LGBTQIA+ Persons

Alexis Moore Executive Director Survivors in Action

Deidi Olaya, MSSW, University of Texas Institute on Sexual & Domestic Violence

Sonia Parras-Konrad, Iowa Coalition on Domestic Violence

Linda Ade-Ridder, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Miami. University, Author

Marietta Roy Victim Advocate, Victim-Witness Office

Julie Campbell-Ruggaard, Ph.D., Private Practice and Co-Director, Victims’ Rights Advocacy

Gail Burns Smith Executive Director of Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Chair of National Alliance of Sexual Assault Coalitions

Rita Smith Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Vickie Smith CEO/Director Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Deputy Director, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Terri Spahr Nelson, MSSW, LISW Consultant, Author, Co-Director, Victims’ Rights Advocacy, President, Ohio Coalition Against Sexual Assault, US Army veteran, DoD Subject Matter Expert, Owner Sugati Publications

Jennifer Staples, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology Department, Alliant International University, San Diego. Author of: Adult Sexual Assault Severity among Transgender People of Color: The Impact of Double Marginalization in Violence Against LGBTQIA+ Persons.

Marianne Winters Jane Doe, Inc., Boston, Board Member, National Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Holly Wissing Director of Public Information, Miami University, Oxford

Laura E. Zárate Founding Executive Director Arte Sana, and Bilingual Training Specialist Texas Association Against Sexual Assault