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 We support all LGBTQ+ communities.

Support survivors in your community with materials developed by and for LGBTQA+ survivors and allies at Coping Resources.

  1. Download and print this outreach poster         to make it available in your community.

  2. Order custom print posters with your organization's contact information at the bottom at no extra cost.

  3. Get copies of our booklet for LGBTQ+ survivors for your local Rape Crisis program or other agencies.  Custom print a special message or your contact information on the back covers at no extra cost. 

Now more than ever, LGBTQ+ persons need our support. Violence against LGBTQ+ people is on the rise in our current social and political climate.  Sadly, LGBTQ+ persons are at higher risk of all types of victimization--especially those who have dual marginalized backgrounds. 
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Selected presenter
at the 2024 National
Sexual Assault Conference®
Selected exhibitor & presenter
at the 5oth National Organization
for Victim Advocacy Conference.
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